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Sustainable wild caught prawns into the future.

The ACPF has been operating for over 10 years and is made up of membership from local industry bodies and companies that deal with prawns or the prawn industry. The ACPF aims to:

  • Represent the industry nationally and present a unified case to government for change that will develop the wider industry.
  • Build the positive reputation of the wild catch professional prawn fishery within the Australian public and marketing circles.
  • Work in partnership and form alliances within the prawn sector to communicate learnings on all activities and to better position product.
  • Develop leadership capacity within the industry to drive change, champion initiatives, communicate learnings and represent industry.
  • Work in partnership and form alliances with other seafood organisations that have goals of positioning our product nationally and internationally, to ensure ecological sustainable fishing practices, and to safeguard our resources for food security.
  • Coordinate industry planning with national initiatives, such as seafood market development including promotion, marketing, research and value-adding.
  • Coordinate the development of generic programs for the prawn industry and within wider strategic alliances.

In Australia we call prawns ‘prawns’, but in some other countries they may be called shrimp.  All prawns caught in Australia are fantastic eating, it’s just a matter of personal preference with the species you choose or the meal you are making.  We hope you enjoy our website and choosing Australian prawns for your next meal!